First time trim:

$35 plus a free upgrade to the best friend package!



Our standard visit includes a stress-free nail trim and file, a teeth cleaning gel, a stylish bandana, and fresh cologne! 

(See Best Friend Package for details!)

 Nail trim subscription: 
$35 per trim

Everyone's needs are different. Give us a call, and we will find out what works best for you and your furry loved one. 

Whether it's twice a month or once a week, our monthly subscription will save you time, energy, and money. 

This is definitely our most popular option. 

Sign up for 4 trims per month, and get the 4th trim free!

(PS- if you have more then one pet, we have group discounts!)

2 Pets-$55

3 Pets-$75

4 Pets- $90

5+ - $15 per additional pet

Best Friend Package: 


Sometimes you just have to do a little extra for that one friend that has never let you down. 

This includes the nail clip and grind, teeth brushing, ear cleaning, gland expression, bandana and/or bows and cologne.  

Cat nail trim: 


Let's be honest, most cats don't enjoy going for car rides. Especially to a vets office or groomers! Allow us to come to you to take the stress off of you and your feline friend! 

VIP (Very Important Pet) Package: 


This is for the truly pampered pooch! The distinguished doggy! The highly valued hound! The K-9 King!


This package includes a nail clip and grind, teeth brushing, ear cleaning, paw pad fur and sanitary trim, anal gland expression, paw pad butter, bows, bandana, cologne, and plenty of treats!​



You may be unfamiliar with some of these terms. (Excuse me, anal what!?) For a complete descriptive list with a la carte prices, click